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Long ass jutsu names.
"why is minato your favourite character? :)" - mizukages

I have many reasons why, it would actually take a lot to explain it , maybe even some people would laugh XD oh well.

I remember when i first began to read Naruto, and Anko mentioned him, then his portrait appeared and at that moment i really wanted to know more about him for some reason, it never left my mind until finally time passed and he got more time on the manga/anime.

When that happened and we were able to learn more about him aside of him being Konoha’s hero, i got really inspired, and could say i loved his character but there’s more.

He’s a genious among his generation, kind hearted, loving and caring, he is a bad ass, he has guts and never ever gave up, despite of making Naruto the next vessel for Kurama, he still kept calm and strong until he died beside Kushina.. He sacrificed everything for the village he loved deeply, for the family he loved deeply, i am sure if he would have known Obito was that man who attacked the village he would take the responsibility of it, willing to risk it in order to stop him. There’s actually no other that inspires me so much as Minato does, he’s willing to do anything in order to protect.

When Minato actually appeared in the Pain arc i got mind blown, he was there just minutes maybe, i kinda wanted him to get more time with Naruto though, but that smile of him when he tells Naruto ”I believe in you..” It’s like a personal inspiration of mine! It’s not simple to explain without mentioning a while ago i had a hard time with my family, having to get out of school to get a job, i couldn’t find one, at least not a proper one, and we had pretty much nothing, but that little phrase of him, made me remember why i shouldn’t give up, he didn’t gave up ever, he fought until the end and still in death did by helping his son, then i found the guts to keep fighting, for exact 3 years of it, to where i am now, and it’s all because of that inspiration his character gave me, and of course my family, i can’t thank Kishi and Minato enough though, i can’t.

I look up to his character, i want to fight to protect what i have if that time ever comes, everytime i feel down i find in him that simple reason to get up again and smile despite everything. Minato is not only the hero of Konoha, but mine as well.

 I could mention so many things about him that make him my favorite character , right now i’m lost for words, but that maybe would be one of the main things on why he is and will be my favorite character on this series, he has all my love and respect :’) like a savior of mine.

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